Thursday, July 23, 2015

Rates of Sudden Unexplained Unexpected Death Syndrome to Rise in California

Mississippi has strict vaccination laws and high infant mortality rates.  With California’s legislation—AB 499 (12-yr-olds can make medical decisions and receive vaccines without their parent’s knowledge), AB 792 (daycare workers will be vaccinated), AB 1117 (doctors will be rewarded $125 for each fully vaccinated 2-yr-old), and especially SB 277(vaccinate or no public school)—California’s infant and child mortality rates will soar.

This is because vaccinated people infect people (Globe newswire 3/3/2015; NPR 4/18/2014; Times Online 12/27, 2014;, Emerging Infectious Diseases 4/2014; and vaccines are toxins injected into the bloodstream. Toxins. The vaccinated infecting the population is occurring worldwide. The Netherlands mumps outbreak 2009-2012, for example, had only 242 unvaccinated out of the 1,474 people who had mumps and reported vaccination history. No-one died. 83 other people who had mumps are unconfirmed vaccinated/unvaccinated, so are not included at all ( “Epidemic of Mumps among Vaccinated Persons, the Netherlands, 2009-2012).

Mississippi has the worst rates of infant mortality. The Washington Post says, "Overall, the residents of Mississippi are the unhealthiest in the country" (…/mississippi-yes-mississippi-has-the-n…/). They don't correlate high vaccination compliance with poor health and death rates. Babies just die because of unsafe bedding and parents beating them, or forgetting about them.  Easy to believe when it's not you who is being accused of killing your child.

Imagine when this happens in California. This accusing parents of neglect. This accusing parents of offering unsafe sleeping environments.  This accusing parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome. And since SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome started being tied in with vaccine injury, the authorities have come up with a new mysterious syndrome-Sudden Unexplained Unexpected Death Syndrome. I predict this syndrome rate is going to rise in California. Parents and grandparents alike are going to be baffled. “But we did everything right!”

There’s a reason kids in Mississippi are in trouble. Parents are forced to vaccinate.

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