Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sending Kids Off to School Playbook

Legislation is being signed into law faster than parents can keep up.  Here’s what you need to do:

Write a letter stating that (child’s name) is not to be given any medical procedures, especially vaccinations, without the parent’s consent.  This child is also not to be pulled out of classes for any talks on medical procedures, especially related to vaccinations, without the parent’s consent.

Any attempt to do so without the signed consent from the parent will result in legal action against the school and the individuals involved.

·         The parents write one and sign it.

·         The child’s doctor (and all health care professionals) sign(s) one written by you from their point of view.  If convincing is required, the parent stresses how if all procedures come from their office, then records are up to date and accurate.

·         A lawyer signs a letter written from their point of view.

·         The child signs a letter written from their point of view.  No matter their age.  You have to cover this base.  Children who are considered too young to vote, to drink, to have sex, and to die for their country, are old enough to sign a lot of consent forms.  You HAVE to have this letter on file.

Naturally, you keep copies of these signed letters.

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