Friday, July 17, 2015

Autism Before Vaccinations Is Possible

I used to think doctors were the number one killer of Americans.  Yes, over heart disease, cancer and accidents.  I looked at their ridiculous repair work with over medicating and cutting up the human body as beyond ridiculous, especially when herbs, homeopathy, and acupuncture were available.  But now, I think they take a backseat to dentists.  Dentists do the unconscionable.  They put amalgam fillings and mercury posts of root canals into people's mouths.  I look in children's mouths and see that even three-year-olds are filled with mercury.  How can they do that even now when they know how harmful it is?  There was a dentist in the mid-1800's who spoke out against the use of mercury and yet, it is still happening.  I can only imagine it lines the dentists' pockets with gold.  But how dare they hurt their clients so blatantly!  One dentist told me that it's what the parents want.  I snapped, "Then you're not truly giving informed consent, are you!"  If parents were informed completely, there is no way they would approve it anymore than a bullet to their child's head.

Mercury vapor can poison you by kissing someone with mercury in their mouth.  In your own mouth, it can harm you when you eat and swallow.  Dentists are poisoning themselves every time they work with it.  Due to putting it into people's mouths and taking it out, it has entered our environment to the point that now everyone is aware of how it has contaminated fish.  We did that.

When I was nine, I received nine mercury fillings within a week.  My personality completely changed.  I had been extroverted way more than what I became.  I felt as though I could pick my nose in my classroom and no-one would see me.  The teacher, Mrs. Berry,  became very hateful toward me.   The kids treated me like I was a freak, one boy tripping me with a ball because I was talking to his younger sister.  Back then, there was no politically correct way to behave with those who were different.  I flunked fourth grade.  I believe that even if it was mild, I entered the autistic spectrum to at least some degree.  Many, many years later, when I had the mercury removed, it was as if I awakened.  I could suddenly do math easily and think clearer.  I'd always had a super memory, but something was different now.  I was less foggy-brained.

Children can also become autistic through being poisoned by 10% of his or her mother's mercury poisoning.  Whatever mercury poison that remained in my body after the removal of the fillings, whatever exposure I had to mercury through products unbeknownst to me, however much mercury was rained down on me from chem trails, my daughter was poisoned with 10% of that.  If your levels are low, your kids will be better off.  Get your mercury fillings removed long before you conceive a child.  Check also and see how much mercury preservative is/was used in the vitamin k shot (received at the birth of a child unless you refuse it) and to whatever else the kids have been exposed.

Prevention and treatment of autism could start with getting to an holistic biological dentist, following a careful diet, and using awesome products like Dr. Dale's homeopathy and herbs.  (She has a mercury and chem trail detox formula as well.)  It could end with not getting vaccinated and not using western chemicals (drugs).

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