Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Twelve-Year-Olds Legally Decide About Vaccines

AB 499 states that a twelve-year-old is old enough to decide on the treatment and prevention of STD’s.  California's Governor Brown was pushing for all twelve-year-olds to have a certain vaccine, Gardasil. That's why he signed this ridiculous legislation into law.  Can this law be used against
SB 277?  I wonder.  If a child is twelve or older and moves to a new school district, according to
SB 277, this child has to be fully vaccinated to the current schedule in order to enter the new school.  What if she says that Brown granted her permission to decide for herself regarding the treatment and prevention of STD’s and that her choice is to bypass ALL vaccines?  Perhaps this wise twelve-year-old knows that mercury adversely effects neuro-endocrine function.  She feels that her immunity will be greater as well as her decision making processes related to potential lovers if she stays clear of vaccines.  Perhaps she feels that the best way to remain STD-free is to keep her body free of toxic, non-natural substances being injected into her system.  No, wait.  Sane arguments don't work on politicians with Agendas.
Most definitely, if Gardasil becomes mandatory in California, anyone over twelve should be able to use this law to opt out of succumbing to it. 
Will this argument hold up in court against SB 277?  Brown said she was old enough to decide, after all.


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