Friday, July 3, 2015

Can You Heal Me?

According to my acupuncture rules and regulations, I’m not permitted to say I can heal you.  I’m forbidden, especially, from using the term “cure.”  It is confusing for people who show up and say, “I have cancer.  Can you heal me?”  Cancer is owned by the AMA.  Federal and state laws actually support the big business of cancer.  The US government has seen to it that only medical doctors are allowed to treat and “cure” cancer.  Most of the time what they really do is destroy a person’s healthy cells and ensure a more toxic environment, whether the person ultimately lives or not.  I can tell you here and now, not necessarily in an office visit, that you can possibly heal yourself by your choices and dedication.  To start with, notice your language.  I’d stop owning cancer—“I have cancer.”  I wouldn’t even say cancer.  I’d name what’s going on specifically.  I’d say, “I’m working on (name specifically).  How can you support me with this endeavor?”  As a practitioner, I have tons of tools in my toolbox.  Tons of ideas and suggestions for you—no matter what your issue is.  There’s work for both of us when you’ve got an issue.  There’s perhaps books to read or people to see that I will recommend to you.  One thing I can tell you for certain, I will not be recommending Big Pharma’s drugs to you, but will work with you and your doctor if you are ready to get off them.   

I believe in the companies with whom I work.  Snowlotus, for example, have the best essential oils on the market.  Peter Holmes is the only owner of an essential oil company, that I know of, who travels in person, constantly, to watch each step of the process from plant to oil in many countries where he gets his oils.  He has people he can trust working for him.  Dr. Theresa Dale also visits companies that make her herbal and homeopathic remedies.  When she notices that some employee has taken liberties, for example, to place magnesium sterrate in a product, it is thrown out and the process is started again.  She has a watchful eye in order to keep her products pure.  I have a relationship with the makers of the Sacred Geometric Code Series and I know these codes are authentic and effective.  I stand behind the products I will prescribe for you and that I will simply suggest for you.  If you work with me, we will bring your body into balance on at least some level, whether you are aware of it or not.  Stubborn illnesses and the “dooms day” illnesses such as Fibrodysplaysia Ossificans Progressiva may have a pre-incarnation decision behind them that we may also explore.  One thing is for certain, I am not the MD who will give you a death sentence.  I will strive constantly to bring each of your bodies: Physical, Etheric, Astral, Causal, etc into balance.  The work we do, will at the very least, leave you with a vibrant Monadic Ray to take into your next incarnation.  Fear has no place in a space with a practitioner where your goal is to hit the re-set button. 

Here’s how you can answer the question about whether you’ll heal or not.  What percentage of your day is spent with awareness of the following guidelines? 

·         Ingest GMO-free and pesticide-free foods.  Eat less meat and “food” from fast food restaurants.  Also, avoid ice in fast food restaurants. 

·         Drink chlorinated-free and fluorinated-free water.  Look into Crystal Energy (Flanagan Microclusters) which makes water wetter. 

·         Bath and shower in chlorinated-free water.  Don’t use a drier for your clothes.  Hang dry them.

·         Exercise.   Find any kind of movement that brings you joy. 

·         See a Biological Dentist and start over new, without harmful metals in your mouth. 

·         Detox occasionally.  This is something where I can offer a lot of support. 

·         Have at least occasional Esoteric Acupuncture treatments. 

·         Meditate: doing Qi Gong, walking on the beach, and traditionally lying down.

I am not like a medical doctor who only knows how to do repair work and offer you drugs that will suppress pathogens and injure internal organs.  Before visiting a medical doctor, you need to become educated on the condition at hand so you can be as prepared as possible to make the right choice for yourself.  With me, you can trust that I will fully inform you and instruct you on what to do for you personally.  Your intuition is supported in my space. 

So, will you heal or not?  Each of us is aware of the daily habits that we know bring us health and vigor.  Likewise, we all know the list of things we need to stop doing.  Only each individual can answer this question.  As far as your choice of practitioners go, are your doctors helping you to be healthy?  Are they giving you answers as to why you are experiencing what you are experiencing?  Are they checking your hormones by blood only?  How competent are they?  Do you just go to them because your insurance company accepts them?  Would you like to try something different, something beyond repair work?  Your answers are part of whether you will heal or not.
Add ons:
  • "What we are after in the apple is the potassium, which organizes the body for peace and quiet and the building and storing of body reserves" (Folk Medicine, pg 46).  Dr. Jarvis is discussing pregnancy in cattle, but we need to think more about how food influences our babies and ourselves. We need to re-think a trip to a fast food place.

  • According to D. C. Jarvis, M. D., "The pain of paranasal sinusitis is associated with and alkaline - urine reaction. As a rule one can shift the reaction to acid, relieving the pain, by taking 1 teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water each hour for 7 doses" (Folk Medicine, pg 52).  The news bad - mouths acid. His book, in chapter 6, has a nice piece on acid- alkaline balance in folklore medicine.






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