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A Step in the Right Direction: Politician Equates Autism to Vaccines

I love that Trump calls Autism an epidemic.  It is great to see it acknowledged when the media prefers to call a measly, little outbreak of measles an epidemic.  It is true that Trump behaves as an informed parent by giving one shot at a time and hopefully he is writing down the lot number (on those bottles) and asking them to use bottles opened right at that moment.  I am all for parents choosing to educate themselves, and then doing what they feel is best for their children; however, any person who can put even one vaccine into their child, in that moment, they are pro-vaccine, because they are for at least one vaccine.  This means that the parent is believing that this one vaccine will not harm the child in any way and will protect him or her from the disease in question.  This may also mean that the parent does not believe that a vaccinated person can spread diseases.  Other than the informed parents who allow vaccines, there exists another brand of pro-vaccine parent, the sheople.   

Sheople are people who do not seek any further information about vaccines other than what doctors and propaganda tell them.  These people are pro-uninformed, pro-future victims, and most especially, the average fodder for politicians and Big Pharma.  Big Pharma is their god and they would NENER accept that their god could hurt them; therefore, this group does not acknowledge that vaccines can harm in any way.  Yes, they are pro-vaccine, because that is what they are told to be.  If their doctors and the media told them vaccines are bad, they would be anti-vaccine.  This group allows outside forces to think for them.  They make up the majority of the pro-vaccine group, but to me, these sheople are not the only ones who fit into a pro-vaccine category.  The world is getting more of the Trump kind of pro-vaccine thinker—we need more, and yes, there are many of the sheople kind of pro-vaccine thinkers—we need less, but they are all for vaccines on some level.  
For many years even before I became a mother, people told me I would change my mind and vaccinate my child, because I would fear diseases eventually.  This never happened, because I am pro-health, pro-balance, pro-embracing life, and what people call “anti-vaccine.”  To me, Trump would have to stop injecting his child in order to not be for any vaccines at all, anti-vaccine, but it does not really matter to me.  (And, yes, I can only go by what he says in this article.  He could be completely vaccinating his child, or not at all.  Again, it does not really matter to me.)  I only resent when politicians force their belief systems on to me and force me to choose between public school and vaccinations, while discriminating against healthy kids without behavioral issues.  (Brown recently signed SB 277 which can let special ed kids off the hook, but not healthy, independently functioning kids.)

All through being vocal not for vaccines, the only people I met in my daily life who became not for vaccines were parents of vaccine injured children.  Now, they do not give them at all.  They are now anti-vaccine, not even for one vaccine.

 The following is the article to which I refer and the link below.

Asanddonald By Kim Stagliano
Donald Trump and his beautiful (and obviously smart) wife have revised the AAP vaccine schedule for their son, Baron. I wonder how many peds tossed him/his wife out on their behinds when they asked for a change in the vax schedule as has happened to so many of us?

I'd hazard a guess that a large part of Trump's financial success comes from his ability to correctly assess risks and benefits, wouldn't you? Looks like he's done that for his child's health too.  Bravo!
(That's Suzanne Wright in a gorgeous suit that matches the room decor. Wow.)

Again, from the Sun Sentinel. This time from their BLOG. Head over to leave a comment there, won't you?  I'm sure the naysayers will be out in force. Here's the text:
"The Donald is no stranger to strong opinions, whether he's trading barbed comments on network television with Rosie O'Donnell or dispatching the latest contestant on The Apprentice.
In an interview with Palm Beach Politics, Donald Trump offered a controversial opinion on a new topic: autism.
The New York-Palm Beach real estate mogul is no doctor, but he said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations given to children at a young age.
Autism now affects 1 in 150 children, a sharp increase from a few decades ago.
But whether vaccinations have anything to do with it is passionately debated, and many dismiss the notion as a conspiracy theory.
"When I was growing up, autism wasn't really a factor," Trump said. "And now all of a sudden, it's an epidemic. Everybody has their theory. My theory, and I study it because I have young children, my theory is the shots. We've giving these massive injections at one time, and I really think it does something to the children."
He made the comments following a press conference at his Mar-A-Lago estate announcing a fundraising and lobbying push by Autism Speaks to get the brain disorder covered under private insurance policies.
Amid Mar-A-Lago's perfectly trimmed lawns and blossoming bougainvillea bushes, the press conference was held in typical Trump style: in a gold-trimmed ballroom, as moneyed guests at his waterfront compound splashed in an adjacent pool.
Here's more of what Trump had to say about autism and vaccinations:
"When a little baby that weighs 20 pounds and 30 pounds gets pumped with 10 and 20 shots at one time, with one injection that's a giant injection, I personally think that has something to do with it. Now there's a group that agrees with that and there's a group that doesn't agree with that." (A of A Managing Editor's note, Donald! That's Autism Speaks! Kick them out of your house!)
Referring to his and his wife Melania's 22-month-old son Baron, Trump continued: "What we've done with Baron, we've taken him on a very slow process. He gets one shot at a time then we wait a few months and give him another shot, the old-fashioned way. But today they pump the children with so much at a very young age. We do it on a very, very conservative level.""
Thank you, Donald Trump."

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