Monday, July 20, 2015

The Co-Created Happening: Vaccinations and Health Problems.

When my little one was a baby, other babies around us were being vaccinated and had eczema, asthma, ear infections and such.  It was so obvious to see which babies were vaccinated, or not.  One day, I saw a two-year-old I knew well and knew that he wasn't vaccinated before, but now he had health problems.  I looked at his dad and snapped, "He's vaccinated?"  He didn't know how I knew, but the boy's health had been obviously compromised. 

Well, kids with ear troubles caused by vaccinations end up needing tubes in their ears and many end up hard of hearing or deaf, but the vaccines had nothing to do with it. Doctors say it's a coincidence when health problems happen after receiving vaccines.  My child doesn't have any problems and she wasn't vaccinated. I suppose that's just a coincidence, too. Actually, the doctor is speaking the truth: a co-created incident is health problems with being vaccinated and equally, health with not being vaccinated.

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